Expert Awning Installations for Winfield, IN Businesses

Winfield, IN, is a small but growing town in northwest Indiana. The town grew from less than 3,000 people in 2000 to nearly 7,500 residents today. Winfield is just south of Merrillville and an hour outside Chicago, making it an ideal and convenient place for young professionals and families alike. Many residents settle down in Winfield while pursuing careers in nearby cities. The local school district continues to grow as more families call Winfield home. 

And as more residents call Winfield home, more businesses, restaurants and healthcare providers settle here, too. There are even comprehensive plans in place to help with Winfield’s continued economic growth. Some local dining favorites include Winfield Bistro and Saturday Sangria Bakery & Cafe. Residents also enjoy visiting Indiana Elite FC Soccer Fields and Randolf Street Park. When new businesses need commercial awning services in Winfield, they turn to the friendly professionals at Merrillville Awning.


Give Your Winfield Business a Facelift with a Beautiful Awning

At Merrillville Awning, we have nearly 40 years of experience creating and installing beautiful awnings for Northwest Indiana businesses. We complete the entire process, so leave the designing, engineering, fabricating and installing to us! We pride ourselves on providing creative, reliable and competitive services. Our extensive portfolio showcases our dedication to amazing finished products. Check out some of our exceptional products!

  • Canvas awnings provide a classic, dignified look for your business. Showcase your logos, brand colors and more before your customers enter the store. 
  • Metal awnings come in all shapes, sizes and colors and can easily incorporate your logo and brand. So give your business a facelift with one of these beautiful designs. 
  • Architectural canopies are a great way to set your business apart. They are made of aluminum or steel and coated for durability and performance. 
  • Sunshade canopies help reduce energy costs and protect your customers and employees from excessive sun. They come in various materials and designs to fit your business’s needs.
  • Winter vestibules create more outdoor space and seating for your customers while protecting them from the elements. Investing in a winter vestibule is also an investment in your business and customers!

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At Merrillville Awning, we make it easy for you to get the creative and effective awning of your dreams. Our awnings and canopies come in various fabrics, materials, colors and shapes to help tell your business’s story. So if your business needs an upgrade, contact us today for a free estimate.