Awnings & Canopies

Covered & Enclosed Walkways

Merrillville Awning Co. designs, manufactures and installs high-quality covered walkways for commercial businesses and municipalities. These walkways provide protection from the rain and snow, and help prevent icy and slippery sidewalks around your building’s entrances. Our covered walkways can be completely customized to accentuate your building’s size, style, and particular needs. For example, our covered & enclosed walkways can be utilized to create a path on the ground level, on an elevated platform or even to cover stair cases. 

  • Covered walkways
  • Staircase covers
  • Platform enclosures
  • Outdoor shelters (like bus stops) 
  • Walkway canopies 


All fully customized for you with branding available! 

Protected Pathways For Your Employees and Guests 

As a custom walkway and enclosure manufacturer, Merrillville Awning Co. can customize your covered canopy structure to fit the specific needs of your facility or grounds. Our expert design and installation teams are prepared to meet a variety of codes based on your location and business type. All of our shelters and enclosures are manufactured completely to customer specification. We’ll take care of everything so you can take care of your clients! 

Why You Should Invest in a Shelter or Covered Walkway

With winter comes slick sidewalks. Protect your guests by attaching a covered walkway structure to your entryway, providing a pathway free from ice, snow, salt and slush. Great for hospitals, doctor’s offices, businesses, libraries and more, covered & enclosed walkways by Merrillville Awning Company are the best way to provide customer service before your clients even enter your door. 


Our shelters and walkways are available in a variety of designs, including custom sizes, colors and branding, as well as full-glass, half-glass, full panel walls and more. When we discuss your facility’s needs, our designers will recommend the best protected pathway solutions for you and then get to work creating the perfect product! 


To learn more about covered walkways by Merrillville Awning Company, call us at (219) 736-9800, send us an email at or request a free consultation