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Winter Vestibules

Vestibules by Merrillville Awning Company

Winter Enclosures For Your Midwest Business’s Entrance

Protect your customers and employees from harsh winter weather with temporary entrances and enclosures by Merrillville Awning Company. Our winter vestibules are great for stores, hospitals, restaurants and more, offering top-to-bottom protection from the Midwest’s snow, ice and wind. 


Vestibules can be seasonal or permanent enclosures placed in front of the main door to protect guests from the elements. Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland and our surrounding areas are known for lake effect snowstorms and bitter cold. Having a vestibule or sidewalk cover installed by Merrillville Awning Company can prevent your walkways from becoming icy and dangerous, and keep your guests protected from the wind as they enter your establishment. 

Fully Customized Vestibules Mean Branding For Your Business 

In addition to the weather protection our high-quality vestibules provide, they also offer increased branding real estate! We specialize in fully customized vestibules, meaning your entryway can represent your brand and act as additional signage. Our winter enclosures provide a service to your customers they’re sure to appreciate while offering marketing for you. 

Why Do You Need a Vestibule?

  • Top-Notch Customer Service

Protect your employees, guests and customers from harsh elements and reduce weather inconveniences. Vestibules also provide people with a space to wipe off their shoes, close their umbrella or make a phone call without standing in the rain or snow.

  • Increased Visibility For Your Brand

Vestibules add square footage outside of your building, providing a prime location for your name, logo and services. All who walk by will see you AND notice that you care about your customers. 

  • Energy Savings!

Reduce heat loss each time your front door is opened by providing a vestibule entryway. This is particularly helpful during the dead of winter, or if your establishment has a lot of foot traffic where cold air can blow in frequently. Our vestibules help you better maintain your building’s desired temperature and reduce your heating costs. 

Winter Weather Protection Vestibule

Add Protection To Your Storefront, Business or Restaurant Entrance

If you’re looking for high-quality, fully customizable vestibules made from a variety of materials, contact us today! Our vestibules can be made to cover a standard door, fit the front of your building to create a warm and dry waiting area, provide additional seating for restaurants and more. Our winter enclosures are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Northwest Indiana, located only 25 miles outside of Chicago. We’ve been covering the entire Midwest with our award-winning products for more than 30 years!  When you order a custom awning or vestibule from Merrillville Awning Company, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality product available. 

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